Monday, September 17, 2007

Totem: Pigeon

From Animal Totems:

The Pigeon
Pigeons originally lived on the wild cliff faces of the European
and Asian seacoasts. Used by the Chinese for hundreds of years to send
messages they also carried money exchange rates between banks in Canton and Hong
Kong. Pigeons have been used extensively for delivering messages in times of
war. Early navigators took pigeons to sea in hopes that, if they became lost the
pigeon would show them the way to land. Pigeons can fly for 550 miles in
one day and can travel in bursts of speed up to 60 knots. They teach us
how to preserver and keep our focus on the goal at hand.
This amazing bird
holds the qualities of home, security and maternal instincts. Those with
this totem often experience unsettling childhood's and will be challenged
continually to acquire a solid secure foundation in all areas of their lives.
The pigeon assists us in finding the stability of home that has been lost.
No matter where pigeon ends up or how it gets there, it knows the way
home. The Pigeons gift to us is the ability to accomplish. They do
not get lost because they are in tune with the natural ways of earth, and are
always aware of their goals. They use all their senses equally and navigate
their lives in a balanced way. If Pigeon comes to you, it is asking you to
keep your sights and sensitivities clearly set on where you want to be, and
start moving. Even if you don’t know exactly how to get there, by
following your inner guidance you can find your way.

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