Monday, September 10, 2007

Highland Park is Cool (cause they have SnoCones!)

I found some interesting (and some not so interesting obviously created by seventh graders) grafitti around the resovoir at Highland Park. Nancy said I should make postcards from the pics. Here are two of my favorite.

After the picnic and another lap around the resovoir I spotted an old fashioned SnoCone vendor. I had the dollar size cone. I was so thrilled at the possibilities of combining flavors. The man said I could have as many as I wanted, but that he didn't guarantee that would taste good. I got all the flavors EXCEPT banana, grape, and cotton candy. I mentioned to them about the sweetened condensed milk they put on top of the snocones in Trinidad. He said they have some marshmallow cream sauce they like to put on. It was awesome. And didn't cost a penny extra. Oh, sweet gooey goodness. He said if he didn't make another sale he'd still be happy because I (in my ebullience) had made his day.
Here is the ARTIST who created this MASTERPIECE, along with a comparison of the Highland Park cone and the San Juan Hill, Trinidad cone.

The multi-flavored-marshmallow-cream-topped-Highland Park cone

^^Trini cone *a mixture of only TWO flavors* with sweetened condensed milk ^^

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Crystalee said...

mmm marshmallow cream! That snowcone looks almost better than the Trini snowcone!