Monday, September 24, 2007

Pigeon Trivia Top Ten (Mostly Untrue)

from The Mechanical Contrivium

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Pigeons!

  1. Medieval knights put the skin of pigeons on their sword handles to improve the grip.
  2. Some hotels in Las Vegas have pigeons floating in their swimming pools.
  3. Pigeons once lost a Dolly Parton lookalike contest!
  4. Pigeons are the oldest playable musical instrument in the world.
  5. The risk of being struck by pigeons is one occurence every 9,300 years!
  6. Julius Caesar wore a laurel wreath to cover up pigeons.
  7. Pigeons can last longer without water than a camel can!
  8. Pigeons can sleep for three and a half years!
  9. Research indicates that pigeons will be attracted to people who have recently eaten bananas!
  10. Pigeonolatry is the mindless worship of pigeons.

1 comment:

Crystalee said...

Tess at BWB read Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the bus to us at training the other day. It is sooo cute!!