Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Never Ending Weekend of Service Extravaganza (but it wasn't all work and no fun!)

Rachel and Sarah before the GED Graduation Ceremony

It has been a long weekend. I am almost astounded that I made it to this Sunday night. Friday I had the GPLC GED Graduation Ceremony to attend and take pictures at (in addition to two appts, and Moshe's art opening at Beleza), Saturday I did the Story Walk at Frick Park then the Jazz/Poetry Concert by City of Asylum in the North Side--was at Frick from 7:30 am until 1:30, was setting up for the concert at 2:30pm, there til after 9:30, then today was the GPLC Run/Walk for Literacy followed by the GPLC Anniversary Picnic with a special performance by Machete. I had my trusty camera with me all weekend (much to everyone's chagrin). I'm posting some of the better pictures here now, and there are more up at my flickr site.
Vijay and Rachel have an animated discussion

Moshe and Ron guard Sampsonia Avenue on the North Side

Nancy's third eye

Machete performs

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