Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Long Overdue Update (Good Stuff)

I haven't posted in a while because, well, good stuff has been happening, and I've been too busy with the happening to get to the telling. But I have a moment to breathe, so I thought I would share now. I started seeing a wonderful guy back in March. I finished up work on my thesis. I successfully defended my thesis. And I got engaged to be married!
My thesis board recommended that I receive my Masters degree. All I have left to do is some small revisions and get my thesis bound. I had a public reading already, at which this picture below of me and my fiance, Rado, was taken.

My fiance is Radoslav Angelov, and he is more than my fiance. He is my true love, he is my best friend, he is my confidante, he is my partner, he is my companion. We have so much in common, and the things we don't have in common only enhance the relationship. We can talk about anything from history to politics to philospohy to poetry to music to our favorite comedy sketches. We love doing anything together.
Rado has been living in Pittsburgh for 15 years, but he is from Bulgaria. We are planning to travel to Bulgaria when I am done with AmeriCorps. When we get married, my Dad will perform the ceremony with my Mom giving me away. My Matron of Honor will be Nancy Heacock, and my Maid of Honor will be Rachel Baron.

I have put together a Wedding Website if you would like to hear more. It is at

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Vote on my Jones Soda Photo

I submitted a photo of my boyfriend Rado for consideration for a Jones Soda bottle. Vote here: and give this photo a rating of 10 if you want to see it on a bottle!