Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sarah On The Town

One of my part-time jobs is as "magic secretary" to local (Pittsburgh) sculptor James Simon. Here he is above with his cat "Fi-Fi"

These are some sculptures of his friends as dogs... this was at the "In Full Bloom" gallery on Liberty Avenue downtown.

Here's my pal Crystalee posing beside on of James's larger projects, the "Liberty Avenue Musicians," also on Liberty Avenue.

^^^The top part of where Crys is standing ^^^

The other two musicians (Accordian player and trumpet guy).

This is John Fleenor. He is a painter who lives accross the street from James's studio with his dog, Betty.

Here's Betty herself! A 13-yr-old Border Collie, Betty enjoys fetch and knows many commands. She is also a very sweet and playful girl.

Betty is a celebrity! Here is a painting John did, called "Betty and the Princess"

Lastly, just a random painting I sighted in the walking tunnel under/through buildings between 5th Ave and Forbes Ave downtown. It appears to be George W. with bleeding eyes. Interesting.

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Crystalee said...

Ahhh what a day downtown! Freaky Bleeding Eyes Bush and all. And those gigantic sandwiches! *hold stomach and groans*