Tuesday, May 15, 2007


So Bill Richardson turns out to be an idiot. Great, just great. Now who am I supposed to vote for? It may be back to Barack, but we shall see. If you don't know why I am referring to Bill Richardson as an idiot, it has to due with his comments regarding his favorite Supreme Court Justice ever... Check out this article on the Daily Kos for more details. Dumbass quote for the month of April: "White was in the 60s. Wasn't Roe v. Wade in the 80s?" Sure, Bill...1973, 1980s...what's the difference? ehhhh not even a date in that 10 yr span. So he could be off by anywhere from 7 to 16 years. I'm not saying the average person has to know this (though it'd be nice), but I AM saying, if you are citing as your favorite Supreme Court Justice a man who had a dissenting opinion in this pivotal landmark case, you ought to know your facts. And so what if he's good at football???

In local news, the primaries in Pennsylvania are today for the local stuff. I am now an official Pennsylvanian, having got my license after a one-hour-forty-five-minute wait on Friday. I registered to vote while I was at it, but too late for these elections. I'll catch the ones in November, I guess. Before, I was registered as an Independent, because I felt it gave me more freedom of choice, but I got tired of only voting on the issues in primaries, and want to help determine the candidates for Presidential elections, so I signed up with the Dems this time around.

I saw people outside with giant signs endorsing Luke Ravenstahl for Pittsburgh Mayor. This struck me as particularly pointless as he is running uncontested. That's right, the mayor who became mayor by the previous mayor dying has no one running against him. Some loophole or something. Goodness. He may have won regardless, but at least there would be an illusion, if nothing else, of a choice to make at the ballot boxes. Apparently, the Republicans are encouraging voters to do a Write-In. I wonder what the statistics are on a write-in winning? Hmmm. Note to self: Research Write-Ins...


Woy said...

I was similarly disappointed at the prospect of no mayoral showdown. Again, maybe a Republican challenger may give the illusion of one!

jwander said...

Well, it looks as if you're in for a surprise re: the Republican candidate...Stay tuned! ;-)