Monday, May 21, 2007

The Incongruos Nature of Pittsburgh


My friend Crystalee pointed me towards an interesting lifestyle piece in the Post-Gazette, "Loving the Pittsburgh We Have" by Ruth Ann Dailey. In it, Dailey grapples with the contradiction that Pittsburgh often is. Another item she could have mentioned to illustrate this was how one day on the news there was a blurb about Pittsburgh having the second nicest drivers (WHAATTT?!), and the next day they report: Road Rage Incidents on the Rise. Yes, Pittsburgh is chock-a-block full of mixed messages, but Dailey reminds readers to "stop and smell the bus fumes," or, don't take for granted the beauty that is here all around us in Pittsburgh.

*picture by Athalia Markowitz of San Francisco-- Dailey also reminds us of the difference between being a resident and being a tourist, how many Pittsburgh residents have really noticed this mural downtown? have thought to take a picture of it?

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Crystalee said...

Yup yup. I just saw on the news yesterday that they were interviewing motorists about their experiences, and most of them agreed that Pittsburgh motorists are kind and thoughtful. What the heck?? lol

P.S. Remind me to tell you about something I read about Trinidad.