Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Dream Nest

I had an awe-inspiring surreal experience yesterday on a visit to the "House Poem" by Huang Xiang. Located on Sampsonia Way in the North Side of Pittsburgh, this is the home of Huang Xiang and his wife Zhang Ling. The house is covered in calligraphy of his poetry. This is an amazing attestment because Mr. Huang's work was banned in China, and when he lived there, he had been imprisoned altogether over ten years of his life. He and his wife came here in 2004 as refugees with the help of the City of Asylum Pittsburgh.
Huang Xiang reading

I suggested this venue for part of a Literacy*AmeriCorps Pittsburgh training day, and was thrilled when City of Asylum via Henry Reese helped to coordinate this. Huang Xiang was very gracious and thrilled us by reading seven poems and taking questions and comments. I am planning to blog more about this soon, but for now, here are some pictures from the event. I was asked to read the English translations of Mr. Huang's poetry before he read each poem in Chinese. Josh Cohen and Steve Thomas, also AmeriCorps members each read a poem as well.

Me reading English translations with Huang Xiang looking on.

Steve Thomas reading with Huang Xiang

The House Poem

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smallstreams said...

A wonderful moment in time. Huang Jiang's poetry is subversive for the US, too.