Monday, October 1, 2007

The Unbelievable Pizza Party

"make sure they can see your shoes" was the direction after i'd been clambering around the hillside in heels while Becky took a picture...

So there were were, standing around between the train tracks and the river in the South Side, talking and eating pizza. It had past the point of dusk to become dark, and we were having a good ol' time. No alcohol involved. Max said: If the cops showed up for some reason, they'd never believe we weren't drinking. Yes, Officer, it's just a Pizza Party. Yeah, I said, it'd be like saying this is an icecream social. Anyways, we had fun. It was Sheena's idea to get pizza and eat it somewhere outside because there wasn't any place we could think of that could seat 18 people together. We also met another Max, this one a bulldog, not a human being.