Monday, October 8, 2007

City of Rivers : City of Bridges as City of Hills : City of Stairs

It started out innocently enough, a walk on a sunny day. But then I just kept going. First I tried one of the infamous staircases that climb the numerous hills throughout the city. From what I understand, a lot of them were built so the mill workers could walk to get to work, and some of them are more decrepit than others. This particular one was slightly overgrown with weeds, but seemed sturdy enough. This was in South Oakland on Dawson Street. It let out down near 2nd Avenue, from where I went on a dirt path under 376 and got onto the Eliza Furnace bike trail. I walked on that for a while, getting some odd looks from the bikers and skaters, and looking at graffitti until I got off it by the Greyhound station.
I took a breather at the greyhound station and was regretting not bringing along any water in this 90 degree weather. The sun was beating down and for some reason I had worn two shirts, so I slid my arms out of the outermost one to get more air. This probably only succeeded in letting out any coolness I was keeping in my body and soaking up more sun, but at least I didn't feel so constricted.

I decided to walk across the 10th Street Bridge from there to get a Gatorade at a gas station in the South Side. It was delicious.

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Crystalee said...

I need to come with you on one of these adventures someday. You always seem to do the neatest things.