Thursday, January 24, 2008

Weather Almanac in Pictures

For some reason on the warmest day this winter and also on what felt like the coldest thus far, I decided to go for a walk. Now the warm day, most people can understand. The cold one, well I later met two others who went for a walk or bike ride that day just for pleasure and not to get anywhere, but on my walk, I didn't see anyone else who wasn't out there for necessity. According to historical weather data, the warm day January 8, 2008, was in fact the record warmest temperature for that date. Coming in at 69 degrees F, it beat the previous record holder by 3 degrees and 71 years (1937).
The pictures from Jan 8 are from Allegheny Commons and outside the Children's Museum in the North Side, and downtown.

The cold day was well below the average for that day, January 20th, 2008, but didn't get the record.

Jan 20 08 actual minimum temp: 5 F/ =15 C, Average min for Jan 20s: 19 F/ -7 C Record min for Jan 20s: -18 F/ -27 C in 1985. Hopefully I will be smart enough not to go out if it gets that cold this year!
The pictures from that day are from the old St. Nicholas R.C. Croatian Church. It was build in 1900-01, and closed in 2004. The Mary statue remains, but there were spaces where others used to be and I think they got rid of some of the stained glass and murals. Still interested architecture to look at, though.

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