Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It's Uncanny!

Okay, so I've been slacking about updating the blog. I've taken lots of lots of Pittsburgh pictures, I just have been dreading sitting thru the arduous process of exporting, uploading, organizing....but I will put them up soon. They are pictures of extremes- one batch from the warmest day we've had this winter so far, and one from what appears to be the coldest thus far.
In the meantime, chew on this. Apparently this X needs Google Game is all the rage these days. I had to skip over other listings and just wrote out the actual headline ones, not the compilations. So here's how it works. You type your name followed by the word needs in google in quotes and see what comes up. So mine was "Sarah needs" and here are the top 30 results:

Sarah needs:
1. Sarah needs a cold shower, self-esteem
2. Sarah needs to kick him in the nuts (You know who you are...)
3. Sarah needs your manly vote
4. Sarah needs you.
5. Sarah needs a video channel.
6. Sarah needs to make a cake and some cookies
7. Sarah needs adopted- time is up tomorrow afternoon.
8. Sarah needs a life
9. Sarah needs to lean on her man.
10. Sarah (the chinchilla) needs a family
11. Sarah needs to get her life back and establish herself as the person in charge.
12. Formerly Feral Sarah needs a Forever Home
13. Sarah needs batteries
14. Sarah needs a good cuddle
15. Sarah needs more love lyrics
16. Sarah needs to cut down on the overtime!
17. Sarah needs a break
18. Sarah needs Nat and her computing skills to survive and find whatever she needs to keep ahead of her faceless pursueers.
19. Sarah needs some more lovin
20. Sarah needs to respond to a student inquiry regarding the latest assignment
21. Sarah needs a reality check, as well.
22. Sarah needs the help of the notorious Captain Jamie Kerrick.
23. Sarah needs someone with a mature, hardened presence.
24. Sarah needs a root canal.
25. Sarah needs a story about Tina One Life to Live
26. Sarah needs to be hooked up to a respirator in order to survive.
27. Sarah needs someone who can escort her from port to port.
28. Sarah needs special glasses.
29. Sarah needs advice on setting up a wider wheel base.
30. Sarah needs a better agent.

How DID they know all these things about me? Especially number 18. I mean, who knows that? And obviously number 30 refers to a "special agent" Maybe his name is Capt Jamie. But notoriety is a warning signal to stay away. If i had more lovin' maybe I wouldn't need a cold shower. and I am now on the look out for a man to kick in the nuts (numbers 2 and 9 combo). Oh well, I'm sure once I have my special glasses, setting the wider wheel base will be no problem. Now if only I could breathe easier.

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