Sunday, April 1, 2007


Well, as a respsonsible citizen of the U. S. of A., I've been trying to decide who to cast my lot with in '08. I have arrived at my current choice through the process of elimination. This perhaps is not the ideal method, but I suppose it works as well as any.

I am choosing Barack Obama, not so much for being in agreement with him on the issues (he doesn't go far enough on some things in my mind), but because I disagree with this choice the least.

I am not choosing Rudy Guliani because nobody would have chose him prior to 2001. Doesn't anyone remember how we felt about him before the was The Mayor?

I am not choosing Hillary Clinton, because if she is our first woman president, I don't think we'll get another for a hundred years. And she is too wishy-washy on the issues, trying to please everyone instead of taking a solid stand on anything important.

So, there it is, my vote (as it stands now, my mind could be changed): Obama '08

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