Monday, April 2, 2007

Book: Touch and Go Joe

This is a book written by an adolescent with OCD in Brittain. Although Joe had different phsyical manifestations of OCD, I can completely relate with the similar thought processes he goes through. Different compulsions, but the same logic (or lack of) behind them. I also related to the ideas he brings up about how people would perceive him when they started to notice his new behavior. The parts about his first times seeking help were also very approachable. It was a quick read and I was glad to see a book from the perspective of someone who actually has battled with OCD. Most of the OCD books I've seen have been written from a psychiatrist's/psychologist's/researcher's perspective. I hope to one day add my own book to the "patient" perspective category.

  • Title: Touch and Go Joe: An Adolescent's Experience of OCD
  • Author: Joe Wells
  • Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
  • Date 1st Published: May 2006
  • Length: 128 pages

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