Monday, March 17, 2008

Washington Landing, Herr's Island, Allegheny River

I laid on the wall in the sun for a while. It was below 50, but it felt warmer in the sun.

I climbed down the hill beside the wall and looked through the bits of glass and shards of pottery and sticks and stones.

I imagined I was an anthropologist or archaelogist in the future, what these pieces of life would mean to me. There were even a couple of old spoons with designs on the handle
i almost found the whole bowl to reconstruct! (not quite...)

this is what i kept:

a smooth purple glass orb
a piece from the bowl with greco-roman looking fresco type enamel.
also, a piece of what, if i remember my college geology class at all, is granite (maybe feldspar in it?? i only remember feldspar cause it's a funny word), a river shell, and a perfectly round stone.

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