Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Zoobilee Zoo

You Are Entering the Stingray Tunnel!!!
it did not say 'kids only' and was darn cool
Zoobilee Zoo! No, this is not a post about Bulder-da-Beaver... It was sunny and warmish Friday, so I thought: Let's go to the Zoo. So I did. Here are some pics:

so sweet!

Momma and Baby

who's looking at whom?

Curious George?

can monkeys be risque?

A Diana Model---errr---Monkey

let's play!

Monkeyin' Around

another primate. word.

Can you dig it?

circle of life...

Me and the Lion

Simba...is that you?

Lion King

Play Fetch!

scary dude He didn't look too happy! This was right after he tried to kick in a door and right before I ran away screaming like a little girl.

not the teenage mutant ninja variety...

Flying Turtle!!

Pretty jellyfish. Did you know they don't have brains?

My attempt at being artistic- a pic of my friend Crystalee and a Sea Lion

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